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When people can see a situation from someone else's perspective , they can begin to understand the impact of their actions and behaviour on others.  This paves the way for positive change.

After consultation we create a training and or coaching package to meet your specific needs.  We work with your people practically, engaging their ideas and creativity.   We get people talking and exploring solutions to issues that matter to them.  Using a range of lateral thinking techniques and reflective exercises they develop self-awareness.  We act as well as train, so we go in role as challenging, realistic characters that your people deal with.  They get to practise for real life with the 'characters' and then receive constructive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our work unites:

  • effective questioning, listening and reasoning
  • interactive theatre techniques
  • negotiation skills
  • choice and impact of words
  • making an impact with your voice and body language
  • individual reflective excercises
  • mediation techniques
  • in-depth discussion
  • emotional intelligence practise
  • neuro-linguistic programming