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 The sessions have made a change in the way I work. I have introduced new strategies to help me cope with workload and have taken steps to develop a new behavioural approach for “confrontational” meetings.

Council Manager


Very powerful, very realistic, very educational for general public and professionals
CHCP Staff member, Preview Show of I don't remember forgetting


 I called on Creative Training Unlimited to work with an internal client whose lack of confidence in their own abilities was proving to be a real barrier to their performance in the workplace. Amy worked with the individual over several 1:1 coaching sessions spread over a period of time.
As you would expect of a firm with Creative Training Unlimited’s ethos, professionalism and confidentiality were retained throughout the process. Although Amy discussed the issues with the individual and their manager to get different perspectives of the situation, the process was driven by the needs of the individual; only they truly knew the root of the issues.
The improvements observed in the individual were almost instantaneous; relationships with work colleagues improved and the quality of their communication with others was markedly better. Workplace performance has significantly improved in all areas.
The individual remarked that time spent with Amy was the most powerful personal development they had ever had. More than a year on, the individual’s performance is still improved with them making valuable contributions to a high-performing team. I cannot recommend Amy and Creative Training Unlimited highly enough.

One to one coaching, Senior Staff Development Advisor

I recently attended a (Disability Forum) day which was a success and I took a lot from it, however it was The Cynthia Show that was the most powerful for me and made me take a step back to evaluate the assumptions we probably all make in relation to mental health.
HR Business Partner, Scottish Police Services Authority on The original Cynthia Show 2009

I was delighted by your presentation at the Women in Business event.  Your presetnation was both entertaining and enlightening and with you going in role as 'Victoria' this  allowed the audience to really see at first hand where the pitfalls are in making new connections and networking.  You held the audience's attention throughout with your witty yet thought provoking approach to the subject and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to potential clients.  You have a truly unique talent and one which I am dleighted to have experienced first hand.
Business Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland, Delegate - Scottish Enterprise Event

I have been raving about your approach to training - it was fantastic.  You took everyone straight to the heart (of old age and its anxieties).  It was extremely powerful.
NHS Highland, Delegate - Argyll & Bute Conference on Dementia

Amy has delivered several presentations to groups of fire service employees ranging in numbers from 30 to 100 people.  She has delivered professional, organised and well rehearsed presentations which have shown her to fully understand her audience and the organisations they represent.   She maintains energetic engagement with her audience and is always prepared to ask for direct feedback. She is extremely creative when presenting the issues of sensitive and stigmatised subjects whilst still managing to inject a sense of humour and provide entertainment for her audience. Her presentations continue to attract fantastic feedback. In all of my contact with her she is always professional, treating others with respect and courtesy.  She is infectiously energetic and inspirational about her work which makes working with her a pleasure. She actively seeks to engage with new people and organisations to develop her business and new materials for presentations.

Diversity Officer, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue 


With regard to my personal life you have helped me to challendge and deal with experiences that have bothered me deeply for many years to the degree that they now have little to no effect on me.  With regards to my business you have helped me, very effecticvely, cut through my white noise and clutter bringing organisation to my thoughts and ideas.  This has given me the clarity not only to realise the full impact of how my business affects individuals and other businesses, but how to carry my business forward.
As a result of my profound experiences with you I have no hesitation in highly recommending Creative Traiing Unlimited to any of my friends, family, contacts and clients.
1 - 1 Coaching Well-being Solutions

I have been on many training courses throughout my career, but I have to say that your approach is refreshingly different.  Having to consider a situation from the other person's point of view was really interesting as it made me realise how my attitude can affect the behaviour of the people with whom I come in contact.  Seeing how different approaches so the same situation resulted in completely different outcomes was really illuminating. From the start, you managed to get us all involved and eager to particiapte.  I came away with some very useful tools to help me in my work - it was also great fun!   Anyone who had to deal with people, whether as clients or as members of staff, will benefit greatly from attending one of your training courses.  Based on my personal experience, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring training.
Utility Warehouse - Delegate at Association of Scottish Businesswomen Conference

One session alone helped me to see the future of my business and how to get there ... it was a fantastic experience.  For anyone who needs to take time out of their business to look at development, Amy is the person to do it.  I've never looked back.  I think what she does is fantastic and I'm going to let everyone else know that!
1 - 1 Coaching  Intermezzo Productions 

After each visit, I felt inspired, and that there was no limit to my achievements.
1 - 1 Coaching  Capital Book-Keeping

The role play between audit senior and manager reflects the situations that arise daily, it showed exactly what our attitudes and reactions can do as a result.
Milne Craig, CA

The training took me out of my comfort zone and really pushed me further than other methods might have done. 
Managers' Constructive Communication course

Many thanks for your excellent coaching for my business presentation.  It was superb.  My presentation went without a hitch.  I'd love people to be able to see the "before and after" versions.  I couldn't have done it without you.
1 - 1 Coaching  Intermezzo Productions 

They didn't play the game of here are all the answers but stimulated us to think and to be involved...The facilitation was first class.
Delegate, Scottish Institute of Business Leaders

Creative Training Unlimited have done two sessions now for thesmallbusinessclub and we have been completely delighted.  The totally innovative and professional way in which Amy and her team tackle a range of issues created almost instant delegate participation and rapport – our own feedback showed 100% satisfaction – we cannot wait to have Creative Training Unlimited deliver more sessions for us – thesmallbusinessclub HQ.
Janet Torley, Events for Business Ltd

The training was superb:  good pace, sparky and intelligent.
Principal Officer, Perth & Kinross Council

You took the brief and injected a huge amount of life and fun into it, allowing us to think in a much more creative way about the work we do.  It was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring training events we have held.  I look forward to working with you again. 
National Development Officer, Family Mediation Glasgow

The role play was the most effective part of the session.  It shows the problem in a 'real life' situation and puts you on the spot to deal with it.
Delegate, Private Landlords training

I found your talk at the small business club, very informative and inspiring.  It did force me to look at some issues that I have always been putting on the back shelf.  Some years ago I had a bad car accident, I have been in pain every day since.  When I have very bad days it can be hard to think about work.  After your meeting I decided that this was wrong, and I need to look at it now, so that I can get on with my business.   You made it clear that my attitude is what will drive this company forward, so I have looked closely at myself, and found it a useful tool.  I will continue to do so.  Many thanks for all your help.
Capital Book-Keeping

Your ability to engage the audience was outstanding and really helped to focus the delegates on the human issues that practitioners are faced with on a daily basis.
Chief Executive, SACRO

The trainers were fantastic; humorous but focused.  I'm now more self aware and eager to try out different approaches, outwith my comfort zone.
Managers' Constructive Communication course