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rising to the challenge of human interaction, your ultimate recipe. 

The Communication Cake is a keynote speech like no other.  It’s an interactive presentation in which Amy and the characters of ‘Victoria Sponge’ and ‘Eve Spudding’ explore the ultimate recipe for successful interaction

What would it be like if you and your staff knew how to deal effectively with:-
tricky relationships?  difficult conversations?  challenging or sensitive subjects?

The Communication Cake provides a strategy to do just that.  A strategy resulting in: 

  • increased productivity levels
  • reduced stress levels
  • healthy team work
  • time saved
  • improved customer relations
  • enhanced profits

Sometimes what we need to say to clients or colleagues isn’t easy for them to swallow.  The Communication Cake brings situations to life enabling you to hear, see and feel how conversations can go badly wrong.  You and your staff will:

  • develop awareness of the impact of behaviour
  • improve techniques to avoid conflict
  • build skills to handle negativity
  • increase confidence to communicate successfully

In 7 easy tiers (not tears!) The Communication Cake inspires confidence with which to deliver your message even when its content is not so palatable.

“Amy is extremely creative when presenting the issues of sensitive and stigmatised subjects whilst still managing to inject a sense of humour and provide entertainment for her audience.”                                         
Diversity Officer, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue