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We're working with carers through GAMH.  Together we are devising a piece of interactive theatre training that, when delivered, will target professionals who work with people with mental health issues. 

At the moment, we are delivering regular drama sessions with GAMH carers to build skills, gain understanding of performance techniques and most importantly to have fun.  We are simultaneously carrying out research - listening to carers stories, and the points of view of professionals from psychiatrists to social workers, nurses to housing association staff.

Why are we doing this?

Because carers count! 
For the benefit of everyone's health and well-being, carers want professionals to listen to them, after all they have a wealth of understanding about the person they care for - they can help.

If you are a carer or a professional and want your voice to be heard as part of the research then do get in touch. 

We'll be happy to listen.